(8/29) First P-day!! Sort of...

Hello Family!

It is day 3 of my 12 day MTC experience. If you have not yet received the letter I sent, then let me again state that I am safe and doing well. So you don't have to worry about every little thing Mom. Even though I have only been here for a few days I have come to learn so much both about missionary work and the Gospel in general. I have felt the Savior's love and want the people of Little Rock to feel that same love. My first day was kind of weird. I would see people's faces and feel like I know them; as if I had seen them before. Maybe the spirit that is so powerful here is reaching through the veil allowing to see all my heavenly brothers and sisters.

I will admit that the first 2 days were hard. I really do love you guys and will miss you more than you imagine. Guess that means you did your job as my family really well. But I have received comfort from the Lord and I know I will have the strength to endure.

If you haven't already guessed, my P-day is Friday. However, today we only get a half P-day. So I won't get to experience all the wonderful things I get to do next Friday. I am not looking forward to laundry. So far my experience with the MTC has been bitter-sweet. I love it here but it is hard work. Funny story. For unknown reasons I was not given any bedding for my residency while everyone else did. So I have had to borrow and scrounge any unused blankets and try to build a decent bed. It hasn't really worked and has been a rough few nights. Hopefully that problem will be resolved.

I have a really good companion. Probably one of the most excited missionaries I have ever met. His enthusiasm brings me comfort in times of stress and dismay. I am really looking forward to getting out in the field. Sorry I don't have any pictures. I just haven't had a lot of time. Sister Price probably understands. Speaking of which I want to know how she is doing. I expect emails from my sister as well as the rest of you.

My testimony has grown immensely and will continue to be strengthened. I know that what I am doing is right and that the Lord will be with me. I love you all so very much and expect emails by next Friday.

Elder Price