(11/24) Gratitude

Merry Thanksgiving Everyone!!

So apparently in the South everyone puts up their Christmas stuff the day after Halloween. Its interesting to see a big inflatable turkey next to the nativity. 'Tis the Season, I guess.

In the spirit of the Holiday I just want to give a great big THANK YOU!!! I am so grateful for all that everyone does for me; for all that God does for me. Family, thanks for the package. I can't wait till it gets cold again so I can more fully enjoy it. Yes, you heard me right. When it gets cold. Right now its 60 degrees with the sun out and shining and will be like that all week. I will admit though, I kind of miss the snow.

This is the time that we collectively realize all that we have and give thanks for it. Keep in mind that this is not the only time of year we should be thankful. We are commanded to show gratitude in all things and give thanks unto God at all times. In Alma 34:38 it states "...that ye live in thanksgiving daily, for the many mercies and blessings which he doth bestow upon you." I pray that we will truly recognize all that we have been blessed with. Show gratitude for all that you have, but also for all that you don't have. There a lot of evil things in the world that have not come into our family or home.

I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving and really show your Father in Heaven your gratitude. I love y'all so much! Know that I am always with you in spirit.

Elder Price

(11/17) Cold and trying week

Family that I love so dear,

I am not going to lie. Sometimes being a missionary kinda sucks. This week was spent walking in the cold and knocking on doors with no luck. Missionary work has really slowed down so we are trying to focus on getting new investigators. That has not been going so well.On Saturday we set a goal to find three new investigators. We called our zone leaders to support our efforts and to follow up with us. Time was set at apart in which we would go finding and we were pumped and full of faith. At the end of the day we had an astounding zero new investigators.

I found strength in the story of Jeremiah. His whole life he preached unto the people and didn't have any success. If he can endure that long, I can for sure go a week or even a month of slow missionary work. No effort is wasted. Just because I don't see the fruits of my labor does not mean the field is barren. Planting seeds is where its at! At times I want to just give up. But I don't and I won't and I can't.

Tell Grandma that I have indeed received her letters and am very grateful for them. I love you all and hope you continue to build up your testimonies in Christ and to read the Book of Mormon.

See y'all sooner than you think =D

One of the members had us over for a deer roast

Muslim Mulvey
Elder Price

(11/10) News Flash: UPDATE

'Sup Family!

Hey last week I forgot to tell you something... we got a Senior Couple!! WHOOOAA There names are the Gibsons and they are from Ogden Utah. They served another mission in Nauvoo just recently. (You remember Nauvoo right?) Elder Gibson was a "teamster"; he was the guy who would control the horses on the carriage rides. They are awesome. I feel they are just what this Branch needs.

I had an interesting week. So much goes on in the life of a missionary. I don't see how some missionaries have nothing to write home about. There is too much! For starters, the week started out where last week left off. Pretty miserable. It was rainy and we are on bikes so not only did we get cold and wet, but the work suffered. We struggled at times to even find people to teach. Elder Mulvey came down with a cold which sucked for him. But we didn't let that stop us from pushing hard and working till the sun went down and then some. Speaking of which, it gets cold at night. And I mean COLD! Doesn't help that it is dark by 6:00. I will definitely be purchasing some winter wear today. 

But things really changed at the end of the week. All the sacrifice and trials we faced payed off in the long run (and it was a very long run... or bike) We got back into contact with Ja'bre and Kelby! So Saturday evening we were just about to eat dinner when we got a call from Elder Gibson. He said,"We met two young men by the names of Kelby and Ja'bre and they said they were wondering where two elders have been all week." Needless to say we dropped everything and was over there in less than 10 minutes. This whole time we were thinking that they didn't want to see us any more. Turns out they were just really busy with basketball and school. However, a sour note still remains. Kelby is struggling and is a little depressed and conflicted. His mother doesn't want him to meet with us anymore, despite his strong testimony. He still has desires to come to church to receive the priesthood and ultimately progress in the gospel, but also respects his mom and her wishes. As sad as it makes us, we decided to honor Kelby's mother's decision. We hope her heart will be softened and she will open up to the gospel.

Last week I was telling you about that awesome investigator couple, Justin and Chelsea. Well, their situation has drastically altered. Very much so. This whole week we had tried to visit them but we got no response. It wasn't until Friday evening on our way home for the night we saw Justin entering his apartment. We dashed right over to speak with him. He was crying and swearing and just looked awful, as if the whole world crashed in him, which it had. It's a crazy story. He and Chelsea just woke one morning and got in fight that erupted into some violence. The cops came and Justin had to spent three days in jail. When he got back Chelsea had left him and is now living in a drug house. It was sad to see him like that. The woman he loved and thought he was going to be with forever left him and it breaks his heart even more to see her throwing it all away for drugs. They were planning on getting married in December, and we were even going to be a part of that. It sucks. It really does. But the Lord provided us with a small miracle through it all. Now that he and Chelsea are separated, they don't have to wait until they're married to be baptized. In fact Justin committed to be baptized at the end of November. This will allow us to help contribute to our goal of 100 baptisms in November.

I love you all so much and keep you in my prayers. Keep praying and reading the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY! You are all awesome!

Elder Price

ps:  No pics this week, too busy

(11/3) My real email...

How's my happy family?

Sorry about that other email, but I felt it was needed. So it looks like you guys had a fun Halloween! A lot better than mine. All we did was sit in our apartment and do planning. That evermore place looks like it was pretty awesome. How did Jacob enjoy the tarantula on his head? That picture of your haunted dinner made me jealous. I miss eating those home cooked meals.

With the whole pictures thing, it was mostly directed towards major holidays like thanksgiving and Christmas. I just want to know how you guys are doing and pictures are a great way to do it. Keep in mind that I cannot contribute as much as you as my opportunities to whip out a camera and gather everyone together are few and far between. I also have standards and guidelines I should follow about taking pictures as a missionary.

Anyways, the driveway looks amazing! So smooth and flat. I bet that was a lot of fun to deal with while they were tearing it all up and stuff. I really appreciated Alex's comment. It really doesn't matter what trials we face. What matters is why we are there in the first place. Thank you for that, Alex :)

I miss you all so much and love you even more!

Elder Price

The cake is a lie ;-)

Boring Halloween night doing planning

Highlight of Halloween

(11/3) We are at war

Things are really stirring up in Hope. I don't feel comfortable saying it, but we are at war. Satan has begun his push against the work of the Lord. It feels as if this whole week has been full of skirmishes and little battles. It breaks my heart to say that the adversary is gaining ground. Kelby and Ja'bre, those two young men we baptized last week, were not able to attend church. Ja'bre's grandma went so far as to drive 45 miles from Camden to pick up him and his family and practically drag them all they way to her church. We talked to Ja'bre the day before and he said that he didn't want to go. He told his grandma, "I want to go to my church." We still have hope.

But we don't even know what is going on with Kelby. During Sacrament meeting, we got a text from his mom that he won't be attending anymore. We texted back "Why?" Her response was, "It is just our decision." They don't even want us coming over to talk about it.

Yet, the good Lord is still fighting. We found an amazing investigator couple this week. Their names are Justin and Chelsea and they love the gospel. We gave them a Restoration pamphlet and next day they were freaking out! They told us that they prayed about it and got a strong witness that is was true. A miracle happened with them, actually. One night we felt inspired to see them. So we knock on the door and Chelsea answers with tears running down her face. We just looked at each other and thought, "Oh crap, what happened?" It turns out that just before, they were fighting and at each others throats. They decided to do a very mature thing and prayed. As they knelt down and asked God to send help, we knocked on their door. We were an answer to their prayer! We being ignorant missionaries were going over to simply remind them about day light savings.

The fight between righteousness and evil is real. I can physically see it up here in the front lines. The devil is working hard. We just have to work harder. In branch council we really focused on stepping up and fighting back. A battle plan was set and is being put into motion.

We as mission have a goal of 100 baptisms and 100 reactivations. Sacrifices are being made to achieve this goal. The mission has asked as to cut our p-days in half and get to work. Miracles are going to happen.

Pray always, that you may resist the temptations of the adversary. Seek strength from the words of Christ. Find protection within God's church. Build up the walls of Zion!

(10/27) Baptisms!!!

How are my favorite people?

So much happened this week that I can't even begin to tell you all about it! (And partly because I forgot what actually happened this past week) All I can think about are the two baptisms we had yesterday. Surprise!! Baptisms!! Before you get all huffed up about me not telling you, just know that this was revenge for the whole Disneyland thing :P Can I just say that good things are happening here in Hope. For once it can live up to its name. The two awesome young men are Ja'bre and Kelby and they have been the greatest investigators any missionary could ask for.

Let me tell you a few things about them. The way we met Ja'bre is actually quite funny. The week before I came into Hope, Elder Mulvey and his companion were walking past Ja'bre's house. He calls out to them, "Hey come here! How come you guys never come talk to me?" Elder Mulvey had passed by that house many times but thought it looked too sketchy to try and teach. Hope is a rough place. His reply was "because I am a horrible missionary." We didn't find Ja'bre; he found us. When I got here, during one of the lessons he had a couple of cousins and friends. So we started to teach and Ja'bre turns to his buddies and says,"Dude, get over. You need to hear what these guys are sayin'." That's how we found Kelby. Ja'bre practically dragged his family into the lessons. Kelby, his cousin, was one of those. As we taught them they were just so committed. For example when we taught the Word of Wisdom, they freaked out about tea and coffee. By the end of the lesson they didn't even want to think about coffee and tea. Ja'bre even went so far as to hide all that stuff in his mom's room so it wouldn't be a distraction. They have been living every commitment and just do it. We simply mentioned the law of chastity; next day they deleted all their porn and even put locks on their phones. They are just amazing!

The baptism was so full of the spirit. We even had the mission president there. The best part: I got to baptism them. I have really started off my mission with a bang. I have taught every lesson at least once, given my first priesthood blessing, met a member of the seventy, and baptized someone; all within my first two transfers. I still have my whole mission ahead of me.

I just love my family. The weekly emails I get are the best! I am so proud of Alex! Tell him I miss him and love hims so much. I hate missing out on my bros growing up so much. I can't even believe that Jacob is already doing baptisms for the dead. That story was hilarious by the way. That's the Jacob I love and miss:D It is going to be weird coming home to a completely different world. I know that people change over time, but I kind of expected the same house to be there. I am not sure if I want pictures of all the changes or to just take it all in when I arrive "home" in two years.

Your letters are on their way. I dropped them in the mail box this morning. I love you all so much. Not just my family (which I still greatly love) but also all those back in the ward who really blessed me throughout my life. I love you all too!

Keep up the work in building Zion!

Elder Price

Look at these fine young men