(2/16) No subject...

Hot Dang!! So much is going on right now; both here in the field and back home. Things have just changed so much and I've only been out five and a half months! By the time my two years is done I'll come home to a completely different world. That scares me.

What's this about Alex being homeschooled? How's he doing? I just feel bad not being there for him or for any of y'all. It's one of those things that makes a mission hard that nobody warns you about. But if everyone knew exactly how challenging a mission would be no one would go!

Well, I am joyed to here you have had a good president's weekend. How did my brothers enjoy Meet the Mormons? I thought it was really good and like dad was saying, it was a lot better than what I was expecting. I actually got a chance to watch it as part of a meeting. It was shown to the mission way back in October before it came out in theaters (Holy beans that was forever ago). I wouldn't mind watching it again. It's actually on my list. I am keeping a list of movies, songs, tv shows, etc of stuff for when I return. Speaking of that, Sorella Price has only got a couple weeks left! How's it feel? Not too stressful, I hope.

It has been quite a week. We had exchanges in which I stayed in the area and had to take lead. The Elder I was on exchanges with has been out just as long as me so wasn't the most experienced. It was up to me to make sure our investigators got the spiritual edification they needed. No pressure. I learned a lot about leadership that day, mainly that being a leader sucks. Almost all our investigators dropped us, we were late to our dinner appointment, and I did not get along with my temporary companion. It was a rough exchange.

We also almost lost Dianna. On Wednesday we got a voicemail from her saying to cancel our appointment for Friday. I was freaking out thinking that it was my fault. During the exchange we actually taught Dianna a lesson and it did not go very well. We called her back and found out that she had got in an argument with her parents over the things we were teaching so her parents banned us from stepping foot on their property. What's a miracle is that Dianna still wants to learn and still came to church on Sunday. Yep, all the excitement of being a missionary.

Hope you continue in the Gospel and reap the blessings.

I love you all!
Elder Price

This winter has been very strange. I was surprised to know that in Utah there isn't snow.
The winter here in Arkansas has been very mild. There were a few days that were cold, but
its mostly been in the 50's and 60's. Until today. I finally got my first ice storm.
I was quite excited to wake up to a world covered in ice. It may look like snow
but it is just solid ice. I am just so happy that it finally looks like winter!
Hope you get some snow! (except not you Sorella Price. You are in Italy and don't get snow)

(2/9) No subject...

Hey!! How's life going?

Not much happened this week. Just the usual missionary schtuff. We are really working with Dianna to get her committed to baptism. The thing holding her back is that she wants to really know that the Book of Mormon is true first. Not a bad thing. Whats frustrating is that we feel God has already told her its true. This last time we met with Dianna she told us how she feels good when she reads. Dianna is such a solid investigator. She comes to church on her own and even asked us about the time change at the start of the year. Dianna! Just get baptized!

In other news, I tried alligator this week. It was actually at the dinner when you got the mystery text. The member that sent the picture is actually in the Jacksonville ward which is right next to Cabot. We actually share the building. And yes I am getting quite adept at volleyball. Every tuesday evening we have volleyball. It is a plan to fellowship investigators and is less intense then full out church. When I first got here, I had a not so christlike attitude about it. I'm sure you're aware of my previous opinion on volleyball and other sport activities. But now I look forward to it.

Have a great week!

Elder Price

(2/2) A New Month

What's up y'all!

I would like to say a few words about the package. First and foremost, THANK YOU!! I feel so loved to get a package just because. I greatly appreciated the contents and I'm very excited for the Random fruit snacks. The chips weren't too crushed. As you may have noticed patience is something I have improved on since being on a mission. Its just one of the things you have to learn. Also, be expecting a package from me within these next few weeks. Don't get too excited. It's more of a favor than a gift. (Everything will make sense in due time)

January is finally over! It was probably the longest month of my mission, and maybe even my life. I don't know why it was so long, but the days just felt longer than the laws of this earth should allow. I guess your January was different. Anyways, we had a decent week. It was a lot better compared to the rest of the month. What really made it awesome was the people we were able to work with this past week. We found this awesome couple that we were able to set a baptismal date with. Haven't taught them much... yet. Hopefully the more we teach them the more committed they will be. I really don't want them to be those investigators that push away the more they learn about the church, as Sorella Price was saying. Also we had a really good lesson with Dianna. After weeks her being busy we are now starting to get regular teaching appointments with her. We had a lesson about the first parts of the Gospel of Jesus Christ how there is only one way towards salvation. Then we really hit hard on repentance. The spirit in that lesson was unmistakable and very hard to miss.

Things are going well here in Cabot. It is still a hard area, but that doesn't mean there is no work to do. I am here for a reason; I have a responsibility I cannot shirk. Being idle in the gospel is a sin. I'll be praying for y'all!

Elder Price

Here's a picture of my beautiful face (because you asked for it)