(9/5) MTC

Hello most beloved family!!

Thank you so much for the packages and letters! I love to hear about how you guys are doing and to know that I am missed. Every time I get a letter or package I get so excited like its Christmas or something. I even have to wait what seems like forever before I get to open it. One of our District rules is to hand our mail at the end of the day so it is not a distraction during class and such. But it is me and my companions job to get the mail so I get a sneak peak as to what awaits me.

SO MUCH has happened just within this week alone. I don't even know where to start. My companion, Elder Carman, was called the district leader which means that I am the Senior companion for my whole time at the MTC. It sounds a lot more important than it really is, trust me. I sleep a lot better now that have sheets (thanks to you dad), but I still go to bed at night exhausted and well spent. A mission really is hard, and not just physically but mentally too. The days run long with all the wonderful classes and devotionals we get that fill every minute of the day with the spirit. Yep. Every. Single. Minute. I am honestly looking forward for getting out in the field. I don't know how others make it through 8 or 9 weeks. There is something different about actual missionary work than the role plays we do at the MTC. The reason I know this is because our TRC investigator that me and Elder Carman teach is an actual non member. Her name is Alex and she attends BYU so she is quite familiar with Mormons even though she is a headstrong, Bible-loving, Christian. The lessons we teach her just feel more in-tune with the Spirit and seem to have a greater impact. And I can really feel God's love for her and the love he feels for me. We don't expect her to be baptized any time soon, but I know that the message we give her is reaching out to those little seeds inside, encouraging them to grow. The Gospel really is true.

We got a fresh batch of missionaries this Wednesday and it looks like it is going to be a handful. Our district of 10 is supposed to lead and guide this new group of 21 new missionaries. I know it isn't supposed to be easy, but we haven't gotten a break here. Our district has had some trying times.

I know I haven't sent any pictures. You're just dying to get some. The thing is, no one really know how to upload pictures. It just displays an error. It may be a problem with the computers we use here at the MTC, so you may have to wait for when I get into the field (or longer if Satan has anything to do with this). Yeah, but I really want you to see how awesome my district is. Speaking of the field, my departure date is scheduled for Tuesday, September 9. We have to be up dark and early to be ready at 3:30 in the morning. Yippee.Just a few more days and I will be in Arkansas (or as Alex wrote it, Arkanaw). I really miss you guys and love you so much. It really helps me to know that no matter what happens, no matter how much of your lives I miss out on, our family will be together forever.

With love,
Elder Price