(10/13) No time...but plenty of rain!!

Hello Family that I love so much!

Sorry, but today I do not have a lot of time. Due to Columbus day we have to email at a members house, so my time is limited. It has been raining all today. This morning we awoke to thunder and rain. Weather here is very different. The sky was constantly lit up with flashes of lightning and booming thunder. Supposedly a tornado is going to move through Arkansas. Not sure how I feel about that :I

As for the package, it has arrived but I still need to pick it up at the post office. The problem with that is we are still on bikes and it won't stop raining. It may be a while before I get to see what awaits me :( But at the same time it is like Christmas :) I look forward for to opening it.

I understand what you are talking about with "distractions". But the Smiths are different. Yes, it is difficult not being able to meet with them, but we are in contact through text. We do have a baptismal date set with them and they have a true desire to be baptized. It is not completely their fault for not attending church. Their trucking company doesn't let them leave the truck while they are stationed. We have also not let them be a distraction. We devote small amounts of our time and effort working with them. They are not our only solid investigators. Two of them, Jabre and Kelby, are just awesome. After we taught them the Word of Wisdom they quit drinking coffee and tea cold turkey. Its so funny. Jabre even went so far as to hide all that stuff in his moms bedroom so it wouldn't be a temptation.

Fast and testimony meeting was wonderful. We had 7 investigators to church, one which actually got up and bore his testimony. Fasting was hard, but we had a potluck after and I was so happy. There was so much food! We will also be getting a Senior couple in the next few weeks. Good things are happening here.

The rain has let up a little, but that probably won't last long.
I love you all and will contact you later.

Elder Price