(10/6) Illusion of a "Normal Day"

How are y'all doing!

Yet another hectic week full of surprises and meetings. I feel as if I am too busy being a missionary to actually be a missionary. On Tuesday, after our District Meeting, we had originally planned for our Zone Leaders to help out in the Hope Area for the day. Kind of like exchanges but instead of just swapping companions in two different areas, both companion ships go to one area. We call this a blitz. Then, due to transportation issues, we also had the Camden Elders join us. So we had six Elders roaming the streets of Hope that day. I can only imagine what the people were thinking at that time. Also on that same day we got in a car crash. Before you freak out, it wasn't even a crash. A truck just bumped us while we were waiting at a stop sign. It just left a tiny dent. But as per Church policy we had to report it. Two hours of paperwork later...

Then on Friday me and my companion went on a blitz with the Camden Elders to help them out. It was good to get a taste of what different areas are like. I met this really cool old guy, Brother Ferrell, who talked about his day in the military pushing bombs out of a B-52 carrier bay. Apparently out in the fields of Arkansas is a military base that constructs and houses missiles and bombs.

To top the week off we had General Conference. Which by the way was awesome. I really did find it more spiritual and uplifting. I don't whether it was because I am on a mission or if there just wasn't any of the distractions (e.g. dogs, roughhousing, complaints, etc.) There was also a ton of food! Since we don't have a TV we had to go down to the church to watch Conference. The only people there were me, my companion,and the Branch President and his wife. We had an investigator visit for a few of the sessions. But there was food enough for the whole branch! I ate so much. At one point I had 3 sandwiches, 5 brownies, and 2 pieces of pound cake. This is excluding all the side dishes. That was just for lunch. I felt so fat afterwards. As for gaining weight, that just made up for what I had lost.

It just feels like I haven't had a "normal" day on my mission. Maybe this is a normal experience. I don't exactly have anything else to compare it to.

It has come to my attention the importance of reading the scriptures every day and having family and personal prayer. It really makes a difference in life. If you guys aren't already doing this, I encourage you to read the Book of Mormon EVERY SINGLE DAY! Whether it be as a family or individually. Even a verse a day. There is a reason missionaries encourage investigators to read every day and to pray every day. I testify to you that the Book of Mormon will bring salvation to your soul and nourishment to your spirit. It is the word of God and should be treated as such.

Thank you so much for the love and support you give. You really do a lot for me and are valued even more.

Until next week!
Elder Price

Fiesta time!  Us Elders eating tacos at a Mexican grocery store during a blitz.