(10/20) Transfers and Transformations

You are just the best family ever!

I finally got to open the package today. It was so hard having to wait until p-day, always thinking about it and wondering what awaited inside. So I shoved the thing under my bed where it wouldn't bother me. Thanks so much for the candy and food (especially the cereal!). Thank you mom for taking the time to get those recipes. I know how busy you get with everything else going on.

So I made it through an entire transfer. Six weeks of missionary work gone by. As of right now, neither me or my companion are getting transferred. Dodged a bullet there. I am looking forward to spending another month and a half (at least) in Hope. Good things are happening.

When I first arrived in Hope, it was considered the Apostate area. This is where all the disobedient, slacking, crappy missionaries were sent. (Here in the ALRM these missionaries are what we call "piles" ) Hope Area was planned to be shut down. But what kept it alive was a message from God. The stake president of the area had a dream in which God told him to not shut down Hope. I am beginning to see why. This area is transforming. We have two baptisms scheduled and planned for next week. Church attendance is at an all time high. A senior missionary couple is coming this transfer. It almost feels as if the Lord is focusing on Hope. At the same time, so is the adversary. Whats happening here is a threat to the work of the devil. I have felt his influence. A transformation is about to take place here in Hope.

That's not the only thing changing. You have already noticed it, but I myself am undergoing a transformation. Things are different, and they will be forever. My outlook on the gospel and my testimony have shifted. My stand will constantly be in motion. There will no longer be a middle ground, but a constant tug-of-war for my salvation. There only two masters in this world. Which one will you serve?

You guys worry too much about me. There was not a tornado. First of all, my source for that information was a mental old lady who never leaves her house. Second of all, I have God on my side and angels all about me. I only put that in the email as a joking statement. Trust me, if there was actually going to be a tornado the email would have been completely different.

I just can't believe you went to Disneyland! I'm gone a month and what do you do? When you realized that it wasn't as great without me, maybe God was trying to tell you something. But I jest. I am actually glad you were able to do that. It lets me know you are continuing on with life and moving forward. I need to realize that things will change. I am not going to come home to the exact same home that I left. But you could have at least told me! You want to know how I found out? So this morning I opened your package (thanks again for it) and read the letter inside, which I loved. The first thing I read was Jacob writing about Thunder Mountain. I was thinking to myself, "when did Jacob go on Thunder Mountain?" I forgive you.

I love y'all so much and can't wait to get cookin'

Elder Price

ps expect letters within the next few weeks

The firehouse in Hope

I cooked something!  Tasty