(2/2) A New Month

What's up y'all!

I would like to say a few words about the package. First and foremost, THANK YOU!! I feel so loved to get a package just because. I greatly appreciated the contents and I'm very excited for the Random fruit snacks. The chips weren't too crushed. As you may have noticed patience is something I have improved on since being on a mission. Its just one of the things you have to learn. Also, be expecting a package from me within these next few weeks. Don't get too excited. It's more of a favor than a gift. (Everything will make sense in due time)

January is finally over! It was probably the longest month of my mission, and maybe even my life. I don't know why it was so long, but the days just felt longer than the laws of this earth should allow. I guess your January was different. Anyways, we had a decent week. It was a lot better compared to the rest of the month. What really made it awesome was the people we were able to work with this past week. We found this awesome couple that we were able to set a baptismal date with. Haven't taught them much... yet. Hopefully the more we teach them the more committed they will be. I really don't want them to be those investigators that push away the more they learn about the church, as Sorella Price was saying. Also we had a really good lesson with Dianna. After weeks her being busy we are now starting to get regular teaching appointments with her. We had a lesson about the first parts of the Gospel of Jesus Christ how there is only one way towards salvation. Then we really hit hard on repentance. The spirit in that lesson was unmistakable and very hard to miss.

Things are going well here in Cabot. It is still a hard area, but that doesn't mean there is no work to do. I am here for a reason; I have a responsibility I cannot shirk. Being idle in the gospel is a sin. I'll be praying for y'all!

Elder Price

Here's a picture of my beautiful face (because you asked for it)