(2/9) No subject...

Hey!! How's life going?

Not much happened this week. Just the usual missionary schtuff. We are really working with Dianna to get her committed to baptism. The thing holding her back is that she wants to really know that the Book of Mormon is true first. Not a bad thing. Whats frustrating is that we feel God has already told her its true. This last time we met with Dianna she told us how she feels good when she reads. Dianna is such a solid investigator. She comes to church on her own and even asked us about the time change at the start of the year. Dianna! Just get baptized!

In other news, I tried alligator this week. It was actually at the dinner when you got the mystery text. The member that sent the picture is actually in the Jacksonville ward which is right next to Cabot. We actually share the building. And yes I am getting quite adept at volleyball. Every tuesday evening we have volleyball. It is a plan to fellowship investigators and is less intense then full out church. When I first got here, I had a not so christlike attitude about it. I'm sure you're aware of my previous opinion on volleyball and other sport activities. But now I look forward to it.

Have a great week!

Elder Price