(10/27) Baptisms!!!

How are my favorite people?

So much happened this week that I can't even begin to tell you all about it! (And partly because I forgot what actually happened this past week) All I can think about are the two baptisms we had yesterday. Surprise!! Baptisms!! Before you get all huffed up about me not telling you, just know that this was revenge for the whole Disneyland thing :P Can I just say that good things are happening here in Hope. For once it can live up to its name. The two awesome young men are Ja'bre and Kelby and they have been the greatest investigators any missionary could ask for.

Let me tell you a few things about them. The way we met Ja'bre is actually quite funny. The week before I came into Hope, Elder Mulvey and his companion were walking past Ja'bre's house. He calls out to them, "Hey come here! How come you guys never come talk to me?" Elder Mulvey had passed by that house many times but thought it looked too sketchy to try and teach. Hope is a rough place. His reply was "because I am a horrible missionary." We didn't find Ja'bre; he found us. When I got here, during one of the lessons he had a couple of cousins and friends. So we started to teach and Ja'bre turns to his buddies and says,"Dude, get over. You need to hear what these guys are sayin'." That's how we found Kelby. Ja'bre practically dragged his family into the lessons. Kelby, his cousin, was one of those. As we taught them they were just so committed. For example when we taught the Word of Wisdom, they freaked out about tea and coffee. By the end of the lesson they didn't even want to think about coffee and tea. Ja'bre even went so far as to hide all that stuff in his mom's room so it wouldn't be a distraction. They have been living every commitment and just do it. We simply mentioned the law of chastity; next day they deleted all their porn and even put locks on their phones. They are just amazing!

The baptism was so full of the spirit. We even had the mission president there. The best part: I got to baptism them. I have really started off my mission with a bang. I have taught every lesson at least once, given my first priesthood blessing, met a member of the seventy, and baptized someone; all within my first two transfers. I still have my whole mission ahead of me.

I just love my family. The weekly emails I get are the best! I am so proud of Alex! Tell him I miss him and love hims so much. I hate missing out on my bros growing up so much. I can't even believe that Jacob is already doing baptisms for the dead. That story was hilarious by the way. That's the Jacob I love and miss:D It is going to be weird coming home to a completely different world. I know that people change over time, but I kind of expected the same house to be there. I am not sure if I want pictures of all the changes or to just take it all in when I arrive "home" in two years.

Your letters are on their way. I dropped them in the mail box this morning. I love you all so much. Not just my family (which I still greatly love) but also all those back in the ward who really blessed me throughout my life. I love you all too!

Keep up the work in building Zion!

Elder Price

Look at these fine young men