(1/12) Disclaimer

Hello all y'all!

Well, this week was...difficult. It is true that I am enjoying my mission and having wonderful experiences. For all those who may be planning to serve a mission, I give a word of caution and forewarning: IT IS HARD! There will be struggles and trials and tribulations. This week was one of those times. After a week of investigators dropping us, people rejecting us at their doors, and plans falling through, I am ready to take a nap. This is where enduring to the end comes in.

As for Diana, her father is in the hospital and she is there with him every day so we have not been able to see her at all. We had set a date with another investigator but haven't been able to see him at all either. So we really have no idea what is going on.

Another thing that sucked was that church was cancelled this past Sunday due to the possibility of ice. Everyone kept telling me how hot Arkansas is going to be and how much it sucks in the summer with all the humidity. What everyone forget to mention was the cold. I can tell you that it is just as cold in the winter as it is hot in summer. The temperature may only say 28 degrees but the humidity makes it worse. Its a wet cold that penetrates through every layer of clothing and gets into your bones. In Utah they get snow. In Arkansas they get freezing rain. Everything gets coated in a layer of ice and the whole town shuts down. The roads are dangerous and the weight of the ice brings down trees and power lines. We didn't actually get any freezing rain (yet) but the Bishop didn't want to take any chances. So we had to find something else to do during those 4 hours. We ended up doing some service jump-starting a member's car and helping an elderly member move Christmas decorations into their attic.

I got some hope while reading Sorella Price's letter. It is nice to know that the work is moving forward somewhere in the world. Good job Italy missionaries! :D
But in reality we did have some good things happen this week. While doing an exchange I found a potential investigator with 9 kids. Families are always good to find. We also had an unexpected unplanned dinner appointment.

Despite the trying times, I still know that this work is true. Trials are just a part of life and a requirement for a mission.

Love y'all and have a blessed day!
Elder Price

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