(1/5) Q&A

Greetings, people!

Not much happened this week. Because of the continuation of the holidays (mainly new years) everyone was too busy to teach. We still talked with everyone but they told us to "come back after the holidays. We're busy right now." It has been a good while since we have seen really any of our investigators. Things should start picking up now that schedules are returning to normal and people are less busy. We did have a break through with are top investigator. Her name is Diana and Elder Farnsworth had been working with her before I got here. She wasn't progressing and there was possibly a supernatural influence. But this past week after sitting down and just teaching we were able to set a baptismal date.

Now to answer your questions. I did not try the collard greens. Sadly we did not have time as we were late to our next dinner appointment and had to swiftly depart. So I do not know whether I like them or not. That wonderful lady was Sister Angele. I can testify that "southern hospitality" exists and she is a physical representation of that. Her son is actually preparing to serve a mission right now. We did indeed have much food on Christmas. 3 1/2 meals later we were very full (1/2 a meal because we snacked at the Angele's). I did not get to do any dishes. Its not because I am unhelpful or lazy. Trust me, we offer to help but people in the south just don't accept service. They are too nice. The only dishes I have had to do on my mission is in our own apartment.

I have got some questions of my own. First off, is there any one else that would like to receive this email? Any friends or extended family members? If so I will need their email address. Also, what kind of things do you want me to bring back from my mission? Any attributes, talents, recipes, skills, etc. This one is for Sorella Price. What are the mission traditions you have come across and/or implement? It would also be great to have continued updates on how things are going back home. I do enjoy hearing about your great and marvelous adventures. One last thing. Any suggestions for a southern phrase to end my emails? (I'm sure my brothers might have some good ideas)

In the mean time... Have a blessed day!
Elder Price