(1/19) Weekly Events

Hey y'all!

This week was interesting. Lots of new and exciting adventures I'm sure you're waiting anxiously to hear about. It was full of spiritual experiences, hardships, testimony and faith building, all sorts of missionary things. Each and every day I woke up wondering what was ahead. I love y'all and hope you rejoice in the gospel!

Have a blessed day

 ... Nah, I'm just messin' with ya :D But a lot really did happen this week. I had a nice little experience teaching a lesson that is sure to make a great story. We met this guy, Billy, while walking around and he seemed pretty interested. We managed to get a return appointment despite his crazy work schedule. When we came back about a week later we knocked on the door and no one answered. Being good missionaries we knocked again. Still nothing. Then just as we were about to turn away and walk off, the door opened and Billy's girlfriend answered the door. She said he was in the shower and would be ready in a few minutes if we could wait. So we waited for what seemed like 20 minutes (it was only 7) and finally Billy came out. We started going in to How to Begin Teaching when he cut us off and told us he had to run some errands. But we were determined. We were going to teach that lesson. He suggested we could come with him and share our message. It was weird and uncomfortable at times, but we ended up teaching Billy the restoration and the plan of salvation in his car and while he shopped at home depot.

A major change took place in the Cabot area. We got sister missionaries back! Before I got here there were sisters. The transfer I came to Cabot they left. Now we have them back. It is very weird to have another set of missionaries in the same area.

This weekend was also stake conference. I got to attend an adult session for the first time. It was really great. We had an area seventy there, Elder Thompson, who was very energetic and had a nice sense of humor. President Wakolo was there too and shared a really neat experience he had. One time in Fiji he was out teaching with the missionaries. They were talking to someone when a very large drunk man started yelling at them. President Wakolo turned to the drunk man and very boldly stated,"Stay right there. We will get to you next." The man sopped right where he was. The missionaries finished talking to the other person and went over to the drunk man. President Wakolo turned to the missionaries and said, "Let me handle this one." He went over to the drunk man, looked him right in the eyes, and told him,"God loves you." The man fell onto President Wakolo's shoulder and just cried. It was a very spiritual experience. I can bear testimony that God does love each and every one of us.

I was also part of the stake choir. Friday night our bishop texted us that the choir was in desperate need of members. Being the awesome missionaries we are Elder Farnsworth and I decided to save the day. There was a lot of other missionaries that were in the choir so we weren't alone. It went well. Despite having little to no practice the spirit was able to fill in where the choir lacked.

It was a good week. Lets just say my spirit was well nourished.
I love y'all so much and so does God!

Its the Day of the South!!
Elder Price