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Hey y'all!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading y'alls responses about my previous email. Priceless! I hope to maintain my name-brand sense of humor. So I got the package and was very intrigued as to the contents. I have yet to open it but now know it has something to do with chips. (However, by the time you read this email I will have come to a perfect knowledge of its mysteries.) Speaking of packages, did y'all get my Christmas letter I sent many weeks ago? If not it would make me very sad :( I put a lot of thought and time into that. Anyways, I cannot believe just how much things change in the matter of a few months. You guys aren't the same family I left 5 months ago!!! Even the house is different. It is just difficult to come to terms that nothing will ever, EVER, be the same again.

So this past Sunday our ward started up a Preach My Gospel course. The goal is to help members become familiar and more comfortable using PMG to do member-missionary work. This first was one was just an introductory lesson about what to expect from the course. I think the PMG classes will be a great thing to have. Preach My Gospel is just awesome. I have a testimony that it is truly inspired writing. Elder Farnsworth thinks it should be part of the standard works.

It is so weird to think that Sorella Price has one transfer left. Where has the time gone?! I kinda feel left out. It's a strange thought that I will be the lone missionary. I'll just have to wait till Tori goes on her mission. I still have so much time! Not sure if that's a blessing or a burden.

This week wasn't all that exciting. The work is still going slow, people still don't want to talk to us, and we still don't have any baptismal dates lined up. Cabot is a tough area. The demographics is mainly affluent white people. Most of them (kindly) reject us. All though its a hard mission down in the south I haven't had doors slammed in my face...yet. Southern Hospitality is a true principle. Folks are just nice down here. On a positive note the weather hasn't been bad. Not bad at all. It has been fairly warm, upper 40's mid 50's, these past weeks.
Arkansas weather is weird.

 Well, hope y'all have a great week!

 Elder Price signing off