(11/10) News Flash: UPDATE

'Sup Family!

Hey last week I forgot to tell you something... we got a Senior Couple!! WHOOOAA There names are the Gibsons and they are from Ogden Utah. They served another mission in Nauvoo just recently. (You remember Nauvoo right?) Elder Gibson was a "teamster"; he was the guy who would control the horses on the carriage rides. They are awesome. I feel they are just what this Branch needs.

I had an interesting week. So much goes on in the life of a missionary. I don't see how some missionaries have nothing to write home about. There is too much! For starters, the week started out where last week left off. Pretty miserable. It was rainy and we are on bikes so not only did we get cold and wet, but the work suffered. We struggled at times to even find people to teach. Elder Mulvey came down with a cold which sucked for him. But we didn't let that stop us from pushing hard and working till the sun went down and then some. Speaking of which, it gets cold at night. And I mean COLD! Doesn't help that it is dark by 6:00. I will definitely be purchasing some winter wear today. 

But things really changed at the end of the week. All the sacrifice and trials we faced payed off in the long run (and it was a very long run... or bike) We got back into contact with Ja'bre and Kelby! So Saturday evening we were just about to eat dinner when we got a call from Elder Gibson. He said,"We met two young men by the names of Kelby and Ja'bre and they said they were wondering where two elders have been all week." Needless to say we dropped everything and was over there in less than 10 minutes. This whole time we were thinking that they didn't want to see us any more. Turns out they were just really busy with basketball and school. However, a sour note still remains. Kelby is struggling and is a little depressed and conflicted. His mother doesn't want him to meet with us anymore, despite his strong testimony. He still has desires to come to church to receive the priesthood and ultimately progress in the gospel, but also respects his mom and her wishes. As sad as it makes us, we decided to honor Kelby's mother's decision. We hope her heart will be softened and she will open up to the gospel.

Last week I was telling you about that awesome investigator couple, Justin and Chelsea. Well, their situation has drastically altered. Very much so. This whole week we had tried to visit them but we got no response. It wasn't until Friday evening on our way home for the night we saw Justin entering his apartment. We dashed right over to speak with him. He was crying and swearing and just looked awful, as if the whole world crashed in him, which it had. It's a crazy story. He and Chelsea just woke one morning and got in fight that erupted into some violence. The cops came and Justin had to spent three days in jail. When he got back Chelsea had left him and is now living in a drug house. It was sad to see him like that. The woman he loved and thought he was going to be with forever left him and it breaks his heart even more to see her throwing it all away for drugs. They were planning on getting married in December, and we were even going to be a part of that. It sucks. It really does. But the Lord provided us with a small miracle through it all. Now that he and Chelsea are separated, they don't have to wait until they're married to be baptized. In fact Justin committed to be baptized at the end of November. This will allow us to help contribute to our goal of 100 baptisms in November.

I love you all so much and keep you in my prayers. Keep praying and reading the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY! You are all awesome!

Elder Price

ps:  No pics this week, too busy