(11/3) We are at war

Things are really stirring up in Hope. I don't feel comfortable saying it, but we are at war. Satan has begun his push against the work of the Lord. It feels as if this whole week has been full of skirmishes and little battles. It breaks my heart to say that the adversary is gaining ground. Kelby and Ja'bre, those two young men we baptized last week, were not able to attend church. Ja'bre's grandma went so far as to drive 45 miles from Camden to pick up him and his family and practically drag them all they way to her church. We talked to Ja'bre the day before and he said that he didn't want to go. He told his grandma, "I want to go to my church." We still have hope.

But we don't even know what is going on with Kelby. During Sacrament meeting, we got a text from his mom that he won't be attending anymore. We texted back "Why?" Her response was, "It is just our decision." They don't even want us coming over to talk about it.

Yet, the good Lord is still fighting. We found an amazing investigator couple this week. Their names are Justin and Chelsea and they love the gospel. We gave them a Restoration pamphlet and next day they were freaking out! They told us that they prayed about it and got a strong witness that is was true. A miracle happened with them, actually. One night we felt inspired to see them. So we knock on the door and Chelsea answers with tears running down her face. We just looked at each other and thought, "Oh crap, what happened?" It turns out that just before, they were fighting and at each others throats. They decided to do a very mature thing and prayed. As they knelt down and asked God to send help, we knocked on their door. We were an answer to their prayer! We being ignorant missionaries were going over to simply remind them about day light savings.

The fight between righteousness and evil is real. I can physically see it up here in the front lines. The devil is working hard. We just have to work harder. In branch council we really focused on stepping up and fighting back. A battle plan was set and is being put into motion.

We as mission have a goal of 100 baptisms and 100 reactivations. Sacrifices are being made to achieve this goal. The mission has asked as to cut our p-days in half and get to work. Miracles are going to happen.

Pray always, that you may resist the temptations of the adversary. Seek strength from the words of Christ. Find protection within God's church. Build up the walls of Zion!