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Most beloved people! How are you doing?!

Things are about to go crazy here in Cabot. I can feel it! This past week was meh. We currently have one investigator we are working with and that is it. There are a few less actives we try to see but not much happens there. This week, however, during our weekly planning the Spirit directed us towards some high goals. It's going to be a 'go big of go home' kind of week. lots of effort is required on our part, but I know that God will be supporting us as we strive to do our best.

I have been given a new outlook on the fast recently. It is not about giving up food. It is about sacrifice of our natural needs. We show that our spirit is stronger than our mortal body.Encourage Alex to fast, even if it is just one meal. I am not sure of how comfortable he is with praying, but the fast needs to coupled with prayer in order to be effective. I feel inspired to tell you to pray with him for the fast. Kneel down with him and help him pray for the fast. Do it together as a family. I promise as a representative of Jesus Christ that fasting and prayer brings blessings and that it will help.

I did receive your package. In fact it came just this morning. I thank you in advance for the love you send not only physically in packages and emails, but in spirit through prayer and living the gospel. So I am allowed to open the box right? I am not sure if i have to wait until Christmas or what. Sorry if my email is lacking this week. A lot is going to happen; it just hasn't happened yet. Next few emails are going to be intense.

Keep up reading the Book of Mormon and gaining faith in Jesus Christ. I know that this gospel is true and will bring happiness and blessings in this life and the life to come. I love you and will continue to pray for y'all!

Elder Price

//Sorry for no pictures this week either. I left my camera in the apartment. But next week I'm going to send so many pictures your email explodes!