Who is excited for Thursday!?!

Cause I sure am. My first Christmas as a missionary! So much is going on that day. The day is almost packed with members wanting to feed us. We have three scheduled dinners/lunches, but a few families have signed up "under the table" so to speak. We don't mind. More food? Why not. We're missionaries!

So we had a really awesome week. In order to to reach the goals we had set a lot more than our usual minimalist approach would be required. The last few meetings we had were centered on teaching everyone. So we decided to implement those teachings. I now have a testimony that talking with everyone is a true principle. We taught every single person we laid eyes on. The result: 30 other lessons and 10 new investigators. A lot of that success was form the "He is the Gift" pass-along cards. If you haven't shared the Gift yet, and I exhort you to do so. Just like Sorella Price said, it is very short but very powerful. And very easy to Share.

I can't wait to hear your wonderful voices and see your less wonderful faces =D I just love this time of year. The Spirit of Christ is so strong as everyone has a desire to give and spend time time with family and friends. It is just so wonderful. Almost a tangible essence. Speaking of giving, I should probably give you the time I will be skyping. So that will happen sometime between 2:45-3:00 Arkansas time (so 1:45-2:00 your time). See you then!

Have a very merry spiritual Christmas!

Elder Price