(12/8) New Companion, New Experiences

Heyo Family!

A lot happened this week, and I see that applies back home as well. Lots of Christmas decorating and family celebrations. Whoo, so much work. I just can't believe Tori is going to Ukraine! That is awesome. Tell her I am excited and hope she is as excited as I am. It just seems that everyone else seems to go to other countries while I'm stuck in the south. What am I saying? I am blessed to be serving in the Little Rock, Arkansas Mission. Everyone else just isn't as fortunate. I heard from Libby that Grandma and Grandpa Arnold got a nice letter from Elder Nelson. Not every day you get praise from a General Authority. It inspired me to live up to my grandparents diligent hard work and loving sacrifice.

So I bet you are all just anticipating with such fervency to know my whereabouts. I will be spending the Christmas season in Cabot, Arkansas. (don't be ashamed to open Google maps to see where the heck its located) My new companion is Elder Farnsworth from Colorado, who at one time served with my previous companion Elder Mulvey as well. It is actually kind of funny. Elder Mulvey follow up trained Elder Farnsworth who is now follow up training me after I was just trained by Elder Mulvey.

A little about Cabot. It is completely different form Hope. The biggest change is I now have a ward an actual members to work with. Given I have no knowledge on how to do so it will prove a learning experience. Secondly, there is hardly any black people here. When I started knocking on doors a white person would answer and I'd be like, "Hey... that person isn't black." It was a shock to be honest. Last (and probably the best), we get fed by the members! If there was any time on my mission I would gain weight, it would be here. We have a dinner appointment almost every night and people here know how to cook. I might eat myself into a very tight fitting suit.

My new address is:
300 Chapel Ridge Dr Apt 1514
Cabot, AR 72023

I hope you continue to enjoy this Christmas holiday and to remember the reason for the season.

Love you lots! Elder Price

// No pictures this week. It sucks, but by camera died and i haven't had the chance to get new batteries.