(12/1) Thanksgiving Transfer

My very first Thanksgiving as a missionary! It was basically what I expected. We had a lunch with the Senior couple, the Gibsons, and a member family "invited" us for dinner. They never followed up so it didn't happen. But what was really awesome was Justin had us over for dinner with his family. I was honestly a little nervous at first. Its kind of weird eating dinner at an investigator's home. It turned out to be very good. We talked about faith and just about how they are doing with life. We were blessed to have two thanksgiving meals. I can't imagine having three! (talking to you, Dad) I ate so much food I thought I was going to rupture! Then me being the bottomless pit that I am was hungry 30 minutes later. I honestly got sick of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie. The same traditionally thanksgiving meal that doesn't change year after year after year gets to be routine. sometimes it diminishes the holiday. My Branch President was telling us a principle in psychology that our experience of an event or occurrence is impacted by the food we eat at the event. It has something to do with me experiencing things on multiple levels with more than one sensory factor. Yeah, our Branch President talks about a lot of sciency stuff and is big into studies. He's a gruff old man that served 25 years in the military and knows a whole a lot about almost everything. That man reads books like no one I've ever met.

It sounds like you guys had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Eventful as always. It really can't be one of those Price family adventures without something crazy happening. How's everyone doing? I haven't heard anything about my siblings for a while. The holidays sure are different now. I truly do miss you guys and all that we do this time of year, but I surprisingly wasn't as homesick as I thought I would be. The Lord is really good at bringing me comfort in times of discouragement and tribulation. I am very thankful for my family and all that they mean to me. You guys are the best. I love all the memories I have of the holidays. Now its time to make some new ones with these other people I have come to love. Just like Sorella Price stated, the people here in Arkansas are just as much a part of my family as you are. I still look forward to the time we will get to be a complete family again and fun times at the cabin. But that can wait.

How's the weather back home? It looks like you got a ton of snow up at bear lake. Here in the South it is just beautiful. The weather has been so good to us. It isn't even winter here. Not even close. This week at one point it was 80 degrees! We were hot! I kind of miss the cold. Now, I know that things will begin to cool down. When it does turn to winter I bet I'll be regretting wanting it to be colder. Until then...

Big News! I'm getting transferred! So is Elder Mulvey. Friday night we got a call from President Wakolo telling us Hope is getting white-washed. That's a missionary term meaning that both missionaries are leaving the area. We are just scrambling around trying to get this place ready so that when two new missionaries come in Hope doesn't fall apart. Its a little stressing. I get a whole new companion in a whole new area with whole new experiences. This transfer is just crazy. There are so many missionaries going home. I believe it is around 50 of them. A lot of areas are going to be closed and the remaining missionaries are getting mixed all around. Almost everyone in our district is getting transferred. We're getting five new zone leaders. Just crazy. Next email you'll get to hear all about the newness.

Won't be long till we meet face to face over the internet. Just a few weeks. Have a wonderful after-thanksgiving! I love you all and keep you in my heart. Till next time.

Elder Price