(7/13) DOT Day

In honor of Independence Day, the mission decided to celebrate freedom and liberty by having Defenders Of Truth Day or DOT Day. We had a luau type deal that consisted of a whole hog, fish, chicken, elephant ears, and potatoes; all cooked in a large earth oven. There was also all sorts of fun little games using teamwork and skill including:

-creating an inverted pyramid with soda cans and paper plates
-using multiple strings tied to a rubber band to grab cups and make a tower with them
-the human knot
-balancing little cubes on a stick with your mouth and walking across the gym
-junk in the trunk! tying tissue box filled with ping pong bulls to your butt and then shaking and jumping around to get them all out.

We also had a flag ceremony, a little talent show, and lots of food. It was so much fun!