(7/6) No Subject...

How's all my peeps doin!

This last week was transfers so I'm no longer in Cabot. But I left on a good note. We had a baptism lined up and some potential to be harvested. I know that God is watching over that area. As for my new residence for the next six weeks (or more), I will be in Batesville Arkansas! Whooo! My new companion is Elder Oblad and is my first companion from Utah. All the other ones have been from a different state. But things are real good here. Although it is a branch, the members are super friendly and have such wonderful spirits about them. The regular people of Batesville are equally friendly and will actually let you share the gospel with them, even if they are not interested! So much different from Cabot. I all ready feel a love for this area and the people in it. 4th of July was interesting. There was a huge firework festival thing so we decided to check it out and maybe talk to a few people about the Gospel. We didn't have any success. There was actually a lady going around giving everyone Anti-Mormon pamphlets. It was interesting. We managed to see about six minutes of the fireworks which accounted for our celebration. Other than that, it was a regular day of missionary work.

"But now the Lord my God hath given me rest on every side, so that there is neither adversary nor evil occurrent." -1 Kings 5:4

Good things are about to happen

Elder Price