(11/16) It's Fall y'all!

Hello my favorite peoples!

This week we started our bike week. Yeah! The very first day, Mother Nature decided to rip us a new one by sending a torrential downpour upon us. At one point, the winds were roaring and the rain was cutting across the landscape in ferocious fervor. I was pretty sure we were going to die. But we managed to make it to the church building where we found safety from the storm. In the process, however, us and our copies of the Book of Mormon and our pass-along cards got soaked.

Once again, it was a great struggle in getting in contact with our investigators. Door after door they either are not home or they are busy. On one particular day, ever single person we talked to was like, "now is not a good time. Come back later." It is so frustrating! Missionary work is definitely work, but it is still a sweet labor.

Amid the trials we have faced, miracles were witnessed. While walking down a street, we passed by a group of what appeared to be a group of teenage girls. The spirit prompted us to go talk with them, but I thought, "they probably aren't interested." Plus it is difficult for me to teach children. When we where a few yards past them, one of the girls ran up and told us her mom wanted a bible. So they were not all teenagers. We went over, gave the mom a bible and a Book of Mormon, and taught a brief restoration. The mom took it very well and was interested to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Afterwards, the spirit chastised us that they had to come to us. It should have been the other way around.

On Friday we had a Specialized Training, and for part of it we all went out into the city we were in and practiced what we were instructed on. The people I encountered were not receptive. Yet we had a cool experience with one guy. We shared a brief message about how Christ's church has been restored and we have a prophet today. The man told us he had talked with missionaries before, read all the pamphlets, and was not interested. But then I asked him, "What do you remember about the Book of Mormon?" showing him a copy. "I don't think I've heard of that," he responded. He seemed to soften a bit and was less stiff as we explained it to him. The guy still was interested. But it was cool to see that after bringing up the Book of Mormon, his whole demeanor changed. There is power in the Book of Mormon. Never underestimate that power.

Training is going well. Elder Lewis is leaning fast and has potential to become a great teacher and leader. My understanding of the gospel and ability to teach it has also improved. It seems that as I teach Elder Lewis, the Spirit teaches me. It is such a wonderful experience; part of me actually enjoys it. There are also challenges that come with this responsibility. I have to be the example and give correction as needed. Each day I have to rely on the spirit to guide me on how to give training. How well I try train Elder Lewis effects the course of his entire mission. It really puts things into perspective. Training cannot be taken lightly.

"And now, as ye have begun to teach the word even so I would that ye should continue to teach; and I would that ye would be diligent and temperate in all things." -Alma 38:10 

Things are going awesome! I love my mission! I hope to hear from y'all!

Elder Price

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