(9/21) Now I know what it is like to be a service missionary

Hey family!

This past week we did very little proselyting. It just happened that way. But we did get to do a whole lot of service. On Tuesday most of our day was spent doing yard work for our ward mission leader. He was putting in a summer kitchen and a green house. Me and two other Jonesboro Elders helped measure and set wooden beams and pour concrete for the frame. My job was to use levels and make sure the beams were straight. Meanwhile, my companion was digging a trench for water runoff, and laying down stones for a path. The Schelins, our ward mission leader, have an awesome backyard. There are plants and trees and flowers of all sorts everywhere. There are pathways you can walk around on, a small pond, and arches made of vines and plants. It is the coolest backyard I have seen. 

Then on Saturday we helped unload a semitrailer full of food and then we had to load it back up into smaller trailers that would take it to food pantries across Arkansas. I carried box after box, can after can, container after container, for over three hours. There were many times that I felt my arms would give out but I was somehow able to continue. I know that God was giving me strength beyond my own.

For the rest of the week, if we weren't doing service or attending a meeting, we did less active work. Most of the people either moved or the address doesn't exist. As far as reactivation goes, not much success there. But because of our efforts, we found two awesome new investigators. No effort is wasted in missionary work.

"And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." -Mosiah 2:17 

Keep on enduring through life! Love y'all!

Elder Price

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