(3/15) No Subject...

I hope y'all are not freaking out and think I died because you didn't get an email on Monday. The reason you get it on Tuesday is because yesterday I didn't get the chance. I spent the whole time driving to and from the temple. Yep, I got to go to the Memphis, Tennessee temple because my birthday is this month. The drive to get there is almost three hours so I spent the whole day in a car. But it was a great experience. I just love the feeling of being in the temple. Its so comfortable and peaceful. Almost like my heavenly home.

Time to answer questions. I did get my package with my glasses and...other things. (vitamins? for reelz?!) It was quite a surprise. As for my birthday, I could use some more ties. I really don't have a lot of variety right now. Maybe a GPS. I would love to get a handwritten note from each of my family members. That would be awesome. Birthdays on a mission just aren't that exciting. In answer to dad's question, I have seen my testimony become a lot more real. Its an actual part of me. Without going into details I can say that it has gotten stronger a larger. it encompasses more and more gospel principles each week. And it will continue to grow.

As far as this past week went, it was a week. On Friday and Saturday we spent the whole time finding. Lots of walking and knocking. It was miserable considering all the hard hearted people we met. That's Cabot for ya. After a three and half hour go of finding with absolutely no success, Elder Farnsworth had to take a break. so we went back to our apartment and ate home made ice cream for a while.

There is also going to be a lot of changes happening in this mission. On Wednesday we had a big meeting about some of those changes. One of them was stricter obedience. Any musical instruments, card games, board games, unapproved electronic devices. etc. are not allowed. We were invited to send such items home. So I will be sending home the ipod along with other random stuff. (However, CD's are still allowed as long as the music is approved. Note that Disney music is NOT approved) These new guidelines for obedience were in preparation for the even bigger news. President Wakolo received an email that this mission will start using ipad minis starting in May. The ipads are finally happening!

Hope y'all have a blessed week!

Elder Price