(2/23) No Subject...

Hey Y'all!!

This past week has been pretty crappy. Winter has officially hit Arkansas. Remember last email how I said the roads were icy? You saw the pictures of everything covered in white "snow". We actually were not supposed to even leave our apartment that day. Apparently the zone sent out a text to everyone telling them to stay inside and not go out on the roads. We did not get that text. It wasn't until about 4:00 that we learned about our disobedience. Some other missionaries in the district texted us saying, "We're bored. Are we allowed to leave our apartments yet?" Me and Elder Farnsworth just looked at each other. "We weren't allowed to leave?" Not wanting to be further disobedient we went back to our apartment and made ice cream and pie. Yep.

The weather has been cold and icy all week which really sucks because we had to give our car to the sisters. Lots of cold nights walking and shivering with no one to talk to. Our investigators have continued to slowly drop off the face of the planet with very few new ones to work with. That's just how my mission has been so far. It is very hard and requires a lot of me. But the experiences I have gained and the increase of knowledge and testimony is totally worth it.

 It is weird to think that Sorella Price is finishing up her mission right as I am just hitting my 6 month mark. (yeah, I get to burn a tie!) I am interested to hear all the tales of readjusting to life. I am looking forward to getting my glasses back. I am not sure how long my backup pair is going to last. I really enjoyed the Valentines package with all the delicious treats and snack foods. The plush dog thoroughly surprised me. I was not expecting that.

I hope you get the moisture you need. maybe Arkansas can share (its actually snowing right now). Talk to you in a week!

Elder Price