(3/30) Repentance

How's my favorite people?

Well, it was my birthday last Saturday. There was not a whole lot of excitement. I did celebrate by making cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Sweet gooey cinnamon rolls make me very happy! Thank you for the package and all that it contained. You don't know just how much I loved those hand written notes with all the encouraging and uplifting words. You did make quite a good point. Lately I have been a little pessimistic and discouraged. So I repented and have made it my goal to look for those tiny miracles and blessings each and every day. I also plan to start sharing more of my experiences on a mission, spiritual or otherwise. But that started yesterday, so I don't much to go on for this week.

I did have a revelatory experience at church again. This past transfer has been difficult. The Lord has been putting me through some refining fire and I have not been taking it so well. I have been resisting the changes God wants me to make. Many a time I feel inadequate; that I am not living to what is expected of me. As y'all mentioned in your email this past Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. So I fasted that God would give me guidance and direction. As people got up to bear their testimonies I was bombarded with the spirit. God was working through those people to tell me what I needed to hear. One particular lady was talking about being an instrument in the Lord's hands. I need to give up myself and let the Lord work through me.

Another person talked about how sometimes we don't feel like we deserve all that God gives us. We do not live up to the blessings we receive. God gives us so much simply because He loves us. I know God loves me and that He loves each and every one of his children personally. I cannot fully comprehend the affection of God. How can he still show so much love even when I repeatedly mess up and turn away from Him? Despite how many times we fall short He is there to forgive. I have learned so much about repentance on my mission. It really does bring us joy and moves us closer to our Savior.

Repentance is all about change and I will be doing a lot of it. Another change I am making to my weekly email is to end it with a scripture. Got to get to get into the Spirit of the South and put scriptures on everything! This week has to do with repentance:

Mosiah 26:30
Yea, and as often as my people repent will I forgive them their trespasses against me.

I love y'all so much and hope you recognize how much each one of you means to me. As a missionary, a representative of Christ, I invite you to repent. As your son serving in Arkansas, I invite you to seek the blessings that come from gaining forgiveness from the Lord.

Have a blessed day!
Elder Price