(3/9) No Subject...

Not much happened this week. Except for a lot of snow and rain. On Wednesday, it was very wet and even colder. And we still went out proselyting. Later in the evening, though, the weather got even worse. Arkansas is subject to a horrid form of precipitation know as sleet. A combination of rain with snow and ice makes it really suck. By that time we were advised to return to our apartment, and there we were to stay. The lockdown extended on through Thursday and the morning of Friday. It was miserable.

As missionaries, we devote our life to preaching the gospel. Take that away and we have nothing. I don't think I've ever been more bored in my life. I felt like a prisoner in my own apartment! All my focus was spent on trying to pass the time and finding something to do. One of those included making ice cream. What better thing to do when its freezing cold than making delicious frozen dairy products. We had the time and the ingredients so we though, "why not?" We made three different flavors: chocolate, oreo, and peppermint. They turned out awesome! It was some of the best ice cream I've had on my mission.

Another thing we did to pass the time was a make a puzzle that was laying around the apartment. That only took us three hours. The rest of our lockdown was spent melting our minds with too much scripture study. After reading the King Follet Sermon followed by the books of Moses and of Abraham, I had to take a break for a while.

Eventually the lockdown was lifted and we could go out. Missionary work continued as normal. Lots of walking and appointments falling through with no one wanting to talk to us. However, I did quite enjoy Sunday. There were some really good talks given about scripture study and overcoming doubt. The youthspeaker gave one of the best youth talks I have heard. It was a good 11 minutes and she didn't just read straight from the talk. It also had lots of good scriptures and quotes from a myriad of sources. The presentation of the material was well given and you could tell it was pure testimony. I also got to help pass the sacrament, which I haven't done in years. That was a great experience now that I have a greater understanding and appreciation of the sacrament and what it means.

I am glad to hear things are going well. I wish I could have been their for the honorable return of my Sister sister. Keep reading the scriptures and living the gospel!

Elder Price

Ice cream...

...and a missionary appropriate puzzle!